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What Are The Advantages of First Time Central Heating?
If you are currently without heat and are unsure why you should take advantage of the first-time heat grant, the response is clear. The funding may result in lower heating bills for your family as well as a warmer, more comfortable living climate. A heating system is also considered to be more effective, more efficient and to minimise carbon emissions when heating your house.
The newest free central heating systems on the market now have been engineered to be smart, allowing you to fully monitor when and how you can heat your home, perfect for saving money and returning home after a long day.

Do I Qualify?
If the answer to these 3 questions is yes then you probably qualify. If so, request a free survey.

  1. Do you own your house or do you rent privately?
  2. Your home does not currently have radiators and is heated by one of these:
    • Electric Storage Heaters
    • Electric Room Heaters
    • Single Gas Fire
    • Gas Room Heaters
    • No Heating
If you meet the criteria above please contact us ASAP while funding is still available. ECO4 Starts on 1st April 2022 where only certain FTCH installs will be permitted.

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